Happy 100 Hyphen

My friends and fmaily are too good for me. That’s all I’m going to say and let Marcus do the rest… Circa 2006, while getting into random adventures that many college sophomores find themselves in, I bumped into Kelen while hanging with our mutual friend Rheadrea while riding around Morgantown, WV. Throughout the subsequent years, … [[Continue Reading]]

Lemon On The Edge – Episode #14: Kawhi vs. Everybody (Guests: Ryan Richards & Kelen Conley)

Lane is joined by Ryan Richards and Kelen Conley to discuss one thing and one thing only: how bad was Michael Jordan at shooting three pointers? But in all seriousness, the NBA Finals start Thursday in Toronto as the Warriors enter their fifth straight NBA Championship series. Can Kawhi will the Raptors to their first … [[Continue Reading]]

It’s Like A Podcast Or Whatever – S4E09 First Steps to FirStEps (ft. B. Hyphen, CEO of HyphenPodcast Group)

Whatupdoe Loved Ones! We’re trying something a little different this time. We’ve always been your home for everything from Pro Wrestling takes to Spiritual Warfare to chat with cosplayers. Well, we’re working on a new project called “FirStEps” where we take the first episode of a show and deep dive on it so you can … [[Continue Reading]]