Hyphen Nation – Episode #113: The Ultimate Opportunist Or The Right Man For The Job (Costarring Michael Lamerique & Marcus Robinson)

So things have started happening with this Roc Nation/Jay-Z/NFL deal. So much in fact, that my semi-regular co-host was driven to write about how letdown he was by Hov. Two days after he released his piece on Marc Rob, I gathered Marcus and the newest 4x Club Member Michael Lamerique (Eps. 48, 81, 83) to … [[Continue Reading]]

A Podcast Called Fresh – Deep dive into The Children of the Atom and Spider-Man: Far From Home (Part 2 of Episode 8) featuring Marcus Robinson

Oh you thought we was gone leave you with a cliffhanger? Nah, son, we got too much love to do you like that! Last episode we told you we were gonna cover both House of X and Powers of X….and here it is! We give our thoughts on not only the issues themselves, but we … [[Continue Reading]]