A Podcast Called Fresh – One Kels, One Mic By Himself or Stumptown and Daredevil #163 Review

Powered by RedCircle This time out on APCF, Kels rides solo! Things start out with a review of the new ABC crime drama Stumptown, which leads into a review of the first issue of the comic book by Greg Rucka and Matthew Southworth. Moving on to a different Matthew, Kels introduces a new segment: HY … [[Continue Reading]]

Hyphen Nation – Episode #136: Soul Daddy Number 2 – You Don’t Have To Strike A Person To Hurt ‘Em (Costarring Daniel Conley)

I’m late! That’s only because I wrapped this episode of THE BARACK OBAMA APPROVED WORLD’S GREATEST PODCAST roughly 12 hours ago, drove home to Morgantown, spent the evening with my family, and then started editing. I’m going to pass out as soon as I finish typing this. My father, Daniel Conley, returns to the show … [[Continue Reading]]

A Podcast Called Fresh – Part 2 of Episode 16 (Black Cat 04-05 Review, Kill Krew 01 Review and More Mutant Fatigue

Powered by RedCircle We have a Kelen Conley! Listen to the episode, trust us it’ll make sense. We start this episode off where we finished last time, reviewing Black Cat 04-05. Its no secret how we feel about Black Cat and the writing of Jed MacKay..and no we’re not getting paid to say that. From … [[Continue Reading]]

Hyphen Nation – Episode #134: Because The Internet v good kid, m.A.A.d city (Costarring Marcus Robinson)

On this episode of THE BARACK OBAMA APPROVED WORLD’S GREATEST PODCAST: Previously on It’s Like A Podcast Or Whatever: It’s episode 96 on the road to 100 and it’s a doozy. This time, Handsome Bane called in the Boss of the Hyphen Podcast Group, B. Hyphen himself along with his semi regular co-host and CFO of … [[Continue Reading]]