A Podcast Called Fresh – Punisher : War Machine, WWE/AEW PPV and Captain America: Castaway in Dimension Z Review ft The MFCU

Better late then never? After taking Tony Stank’s advice, I’ve decide to stop stockpiling episodes. And speaking of Kel Conley, we start this episode off talking wrasslin! We review AEW and WWE as companies, as well as their current PPVs. From there we jump headfirst into Punisher: War Machine, and of course we pitch our … [[Continue Reading]]

Hyphen Nation – Episode #103: Burton, Bats & Jack (Costarring Marcus Robinson)

It was June 23rd, 1989 when Tim Burton’s Batman hit theaters in America, starring Jack Nicholson, Michael Keaton, and Kim Basinger. Almost 30 years later, myself and Marcus Robinson come together for the one hundred and third episode of THE WORLD’S GREATEST PODCAST to discuss Batman ’89 and its legacy when it comes to those … [[Continue Reading]]

Happy 100 Hyphen

My friends and fmaily are too good for me. That’s all I’m going to say and let Marcus do the rest… Circa 2006, while getting into random adventures that many college sophomores find themselves in, I bumped into Kelen while hanging with our mutual friend Rheadrea while riding around Morgantown, WV. Throughout the subsequent years, … [[Continue Reading]]

Lemon On The Edge – Episode #14: Kawhi vs. Everybody (Guests: Ryan Richards & Kelen Conley)

Lane is joined by Ryan Richards and Kelen Conley to discuss one thing and one thing only: how bad was Michael Jordan at shooting three pointers? But in all seriousness, the NBA Finals start Thursday in Toronto as the Warriors enter their fifth straight NBA Championship series. Can Kawhi will the Raptors to their first … [[Continue Reading]]