It’s Not Gonna Write Itself: An Old Favorite Returns (Promos By Hyphen)

So much for not writing about wrestling. After many starts and stops, we are here: WWE Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey will face Charlotte Flair and now, for sure (I think), The Man (and my Best In The World for 2018) Becky Lynch at WrestleMania Lady Liberty’s Crown (XXXV!). And it’s all thanks to Ronda … [[Continue Reading]]

Hyphen Nation – Episode #86: The Aftermath Of Leaving Neverland (Costarring Marcus Robinson)

The revelations of the documentary Leaving Neverland are discussed in detail so please proceed with caution if anything about the topics of sexual assault and molestation are too intense for you to handle. Marcus and I cover both parts of the doc, whether we believe Michael Jackson’s accusers, what this does to the legacy that … [[Continue Reading]]

It’s Like A Podcast Or Whatever – S4 E06 Change My Mind: Negan>Walter White (ft. @TheBHyphen)

So after about a week’s hiatus, Everyday Rogue returns to help Handsome Bane roll out the red carpet for the boss of the Hyphen Podcast Group, none other than the President of the company Mr. BHyphen himself! The gang recaps the winner of the Most Exquisite Black Film Royal Rumbowl as well as the winner … [[Continue Reading]]