Hyphen Nation – Episode #123: To Seattle, Thanks For Everything (Costarring Paul Hermann)

This time out on THE BARACK OBAMA APPROVED WORLD’S GREATEST PODCAST, we travel to Washington state to find the man known as P-Thug, Paul Hermann! For the first time in years, Paul and I link up to talk about his podcasts (Marvel Studios News/The Comic Binge Podcast/Star Wars Blaster Canon/Star Wars: The Saga Continues), Michael … [[Continue Reading]]

A Podcast Called Fresh – Powers of X #04 Review (Dedicated to Unc Rich and Sarafina)

Powered by RedCircle Your favorite blerds are back, and talking all things X-Men! Continuing from last episode we dive right into the magnificent quagmire which is Powers of X! Thanks for listening and please make sure to like/subscribe/review podcast on your favorite platforms as well as send us an email to apodcastcalledfresh@gmail.com For more media … [[Continue Reading]]

Hyphen Nation – Episode #118: “…And I Ask You To Bless Everybody In This Room Tonight”

Okay! So in this episode of THE BARACK OBAMA APPROVED WORLD’S GREATEST PODCAST, I talk about what may be the heaviest topic in Hyphen Nation history: religion. I discuss my whole journey with faith and spirituality and I somehow get sidetracked into talking about my mom’s own journey with religion and how that tied into … [[Continue Reading]]