12/07: Beyonce – Love On Top

Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Beyonce?!

My problems with B are really along the lines of the Bey Hive and the pedestal that they and most people have placed Mrs. Carter on. Just let her be Beyonce. Y’all act like she’s the second coming sometimes. But when it comes to Beyonce Knowles Carter from Houston, TX making music? I’m here for it. I just didn’t want to believe anything she said about Hov. I apologized. I still don’t love her photoshoot she did when she announced the twins but to each his own. It’s hard to top performing this very song I’m writing about and then displaying your pregnant belly for the world and your proud father-to-be husband as your birth announcement.

You might not believe this but I wasn’t the biggest fan of Beyonce following I Am… Sasha Fierce. It was an okay album but I thought Dangerously In Love and B’Day were just better. Plus “Halo” was everywhere and I feel like that is one of the most overrated songs in her catalog. If anyone else sang that song, I might be okay with it. I don’t know.  So when 4 came around in 2011, I was leery. And after “Run The World (Girls)”, I didn’t have high hopes.

Sidebar: I love “Run The World (Girls)”. Don’t come at me with that noise. But it definitely wasn’t “Single Ladies” and the “Pon De Floor” sample was barely two years old at the time and wasn’t an imaginative flip. But I do love “Run The World (Girls)”.

Long story short, I was completely wrong about 4. With songs like “Party”, “Countdown”, and “Best Thing I Never Had”, 4 may be my second favorite Bey album (with 2013’s self-titled release being my number one). But “Love On Top” is the best Beyonce song period.

Every recording artist who is in a conversation as the greatest ever has a great song, if not more than one. Prince, Stevie, Michael, Marvin, Madonna, Phil Collins, Aretha, Whitney, Mariah, etc. Hell, I think “Bad Romance” might be Gaga’s. “Love On Top” is Beyonce’s. From the moment the track begins, she takes the listener on a ride. It’s danceable, yet chill. The lyrics are meaningful, but still light. It changes keys 4 times and Bey still murders it! Yonce said she drew inspiration from Etta James and you can tell! This is her signature song and she does it even more justice live! It’s one of those moments when everything falls into place for 4 minutes and 27 seconds. It’s awesome.

With a video that immediately calls to mind New Edition’s “If It Isn’t Love” from 1988, “Love On Top” was born to win and Beyonce knew it. How she managed to wait to release this monster as her third single is beyond me. It’s even in the latter half of 4 and it still blazes like it’s track 1. If there is anything I need to be thankful for from Beyonce, it has to be this wonderful song. Not leaving Hov would be a close second. Nobody needs “Girls, Girls, Girls 2017”.

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