12/10: Maroon 5 – Sunday Morning

Maroon 5 sucks now. I said it. They’ve turned into a pop music factory that uses cursing to make their
songs sound more hip. I’m not afraid to say it. But when they first turned up with Songs About Jane in
2002, they were good. Most are familiar with “Harder To Breathe”, “This Love”, and “She Will Be Loved”,
all good songs in their own right. But “Sunday Morning” is my jam. There’s nothing better than when a
song truly captures the feeling it was going for when it was created.

I was only familiar with the single version of the tune and was infatuated with it. Lo and behold, a car
ride home with dad from Potomac State College introduced me to the acoustic version, which I ended
up liking even more.

I still love their 2010 album Hands All Over but “Sunday Morning” is Maroon 5 at its best. Now they just
make crappy music in between tours and Adam Levine being on The Voice. It was fun while it lasted.

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