12/12: Cassidy – Blood Pressure

I miss Cassidy. If I had to choose a rapper to pick out of all the battlers and punchline wizards I’ve seen over the years, it would have to be him. He just couldn’t get a break. He had a huge single when “Hotel” hit the airwaves in 2003 but the momentum was lost by the time Split Personality arrived in 2004. Because I was really impressed with his skills, I devoured the album, just as I would his second album I’m A Hustla (again, great single, bad album promotion).

Split Personality pretty much suffered from too much Swizz Beatz and poor hooks. But track 9, “Blood Pressure”, spoke to me. Much like Pac’s “When We Ride On Our Enemies”, “Blood Pressure” was a song I could be angry with. I also have that soft spot in my heart for all that tough gun talk that I could never pull off on record or in real life.

It didn’t change the way we listen to music but man this was a go-to for a while.

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