12/13: Alicia Keys – Girlfriend

I first heard “Girlfriend” on a DJ Wise mixtape prior to hearing Songs In A Minor in its entirety. I’m pretty sure this was my first exposure to anything outside of “Fallin’”.

Part of a killer trio of songs that headline the beginning of the album (“Fallin’” and “How Come You Don’t Call Me” are tracks 3 and 4), it immediately sets a tone and hits a note that anyone can understand. Yeah, you’re in a relationship and things are great… but your significant other has this friend that they’ve known for years. And they just so happen to be of the opposite sex. And they never stay in relationships of their own. And they always seem to be popping up when you’re around and when you’re not. Hell yeah you’re jealous!

You can’t really be mad at a song that artfully samples Ol’ Diry Bastard’s “Brooklyn Zoo” either.

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