12/16: D12 – Fight Music

Elton John once said Saturday night’s alright for fighting and somehow I got “Fight Music” out of that. The last single released from D12’s debut studio album, it was a departure from the goofy singles that had come before (and did really well thanks to Eminem’s worldwide popularity). Produced by Dr. Dre, this song was my wake up music for my spring semester of college in 2002.

The Dirty Dozen trade in their shock raps for more aggressive content and more focus on their flows (other than Bizarre because… Bizarre). The video was the first I heard the song as it channels The Warriors and was a major factor with why I became a fan of this song.

D12 has never been a must listen for me but Devil’s Night is chock full of dope tracks aside from “Fight Music” if you want to take the time for it. I still think they peaked with “My Band” though.

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