12/19: 112 – Now That We’re Done

Stop me if I’ve said this before, but I miss old R&B so much. I enjoyed Usher’s 2016 album Hard II Love but it didn’t recapture the magic of 8701, Confessions, or even My Way. Justin Timberlake is about to release a southern rock/country/pop/R&B hybrid on February 2, a drastic change from his 20/20 1 of 2 days that I played for hours on end. I even tried to give Chris Brown a chance with his Royalty album but I haven’t listened to it other than my first play through.

“Now That We’re Done” is the R&B I miss. I admit that I had dad buy me this CD from one of the CD clubs of the 90s (BMG or Columbia House) for “Only You” and “Cupid”. But the opening track sets the tone for the album, immediately letting the ladies and the listeners know what their self-titled debut was all about. I’m not ashamed to admit I spent hours walking around Keyser in college listening to this album with my portable CD player (I don’t think it was a Discman).

While their following material didn’t reach the heights of 112, anyone wanting to learn what it takes to make a real R&B album needs to start with “Now That We’re Done” and then enjoy the rest of the album. And then restart the album.

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