12/20: Elton John – Bennie And The Jets

“Bennie And The Jets” is my favorite Elton John song. It’s not even a contest. One of the things 27 Dresses got right was the awesomeness that is “Bennie And The Jets”. From the opening notes until the first time Sir Elton utters the title, it’s a magical moment, every single time.

I was first exposed to “Bennie…” because of Mary J. Blige’s 1999 single “Deep Inside”. While it’s a solid Mary track, I was infatuated with that instrumental. Come to find out that instead of letting Mary sample “Bennie…” for the record, Elton took the time to replay it. This lead to me tracking down this beat, which then became “Play It Back” for The Mind’s Mixtape volume 4.

Music is supposed to inspire a feeling and that’s something that Elton has always done well.  “Bennie And The Jets” might as well have been the spiritual predecessor of Pharrell’s “Happy” for me. I may need to make a good mood mix at some point…

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