14 Questions: 14 Questions Strike Back

Garbage day. Maybe one day I’ll actually get back to putting it out the night before instead of getting up at the buttcrack the day of to do it.

  1. Did any else notice how Miley brought “turnt up” to mainstream radio?
  2. Does seeing a hated NFL team’s jersey make anyone else want to curse the person wearing it out?
  3. Can we chalk Johnny Manziel up to an NFL draft bust already?
  4. What the hell is up with people sitting and reading in the graphic novel section of Barnes & Noble now?
  5. Am I the only one who hears the drums from “Don’t Be Cruel” on Austin Mahone’s “What About Love”?
  6. Did Bobby Brown or Teddy Riley get any credit RedOne?
  7. Did anyone else want the main character Piper to die by the 4th episode of Orange Is The New Black?
  8. A-Rod’s never going to go away, is he?
  9. How are there repeats of Whose Line… showing already?
  10. How boring was that NFL Hall of Fame Game Sunday?
  11. Is it me or is chain restaurant food getting worse?
  12. As usual, has summer went by too fast?
  13. Is Brain Michael Bendis bad for Marvel or the opposite?
  14. Is it really possible to hate “Blurred Lines” (If you say yes, you’re a liar!)?

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