14 Questions: And a Yeezus Saved Them All

Heard Yeezus yesterday. In other news, most of these questions were inspired by the gym last Wednesday.

  1. Why do us men get addicted to the silliest things sometimes?
  2. Did anyone else realize Intervention had been on for 13 seasons?
  3. Is Reshma Shetty of USA’s Royal Pains underrated?
  4. Is Duck Dynasty the best “reality” show on TV?
  5. Does 2 Guns look like the best movie ever made for men of all-time?
  6. Would you rather have a joint T-Pain/Lil’ Wayne album or “Turn Down For What”?
  7. Did LeBron really need to shoot that 3 at the end of Game 4 so he could outscore Wade?
  8. Why don’t people listen to their voicemail first before calling someone back?
  9. Have you ever gotten some friends together, bought drinks, and played New Super Mario Bros. Wii?
  10. Should everyone be cheering for the Heat on Thursday now?
  11. Is everyone going to start making music like Kanye did on Yeezus?
  12. Did anyone else think we wouldn’t get new Jay-Z music until next year?
  13. Has anyone else heard about dilation in two random conversations since Saturday?
  14. Is there no feeling worse than being bombarded with questions and having no answers?

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