14 Questions: Magneto Was Right

None of these questions have to do with Magneto. I was just looking at how awesome Cyclops has become in the comics since he murked out good ol’ Chuck. I’m telling you, Scott Summers has been gold since Grant Morrison got a hold of him.

  1. Is En Vogue’s “Free Your Mind” one of the scariest empowerment songs ever?
  2. Did anyone think Wyclef would fall off as bad as he has after he released The Carnival?
  3. Was that the most subdued NBA Championship win of all-time last Thursday?
  4. Did anyone else waste their Sunday watching Catfish?
  5. Was seeing a cow split in half by a giant dome on everyone else’s bucket list?
  6. When did Alicia Keys fall off?
  7. We’re never getting anymore music from any of The Diplomats are we?
  8. Will Dave Chappelle update his juror skit to include Aaron Hernandez now?
  9. Does anyone else wish Carrie Bradshaw was real and Sarah Jessica Parker was a character?
  10. Would a lady who’s having an affair with a pastor be referred to as a pastoress?
  11. Are Jolly Ranchers the greatest candy of all-time?
  12. How does one maintain the right balance of smartass-ed-ness?
  13. Seriously, why does no one else believe there will a Cat-pocalypse?
  14. Why does losing a co-worker sometimes feel like a death in the family?

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