14 Questions: Red, White & Hyphen

I’m two days late. Happy birthday ‘Merica. Happy Magna Carta Holy Grail. Happy wedding to me. I give all credit to DJ Monstalung for the NBA questions.

  1. Why did TLC remake “Waterfalls”?
  2. And did they really hate Left Eye as much as she used to claim?
  3. Did you know “Blinded By The Light” does not contain the word douche?
  4. Did you know “Blinded By The Light” was a Springsteen song originally?
  5. Anthony Bennett?
  6. Do you think Kanye should speak out against all the violence in Chicago?
  7. Pelicans?
  8. Would Dwight Howard sign with the Heat just to win rings?
  9. Is the roundabout the most exciting non-sports/non-party school related news to ever hit Morgantown, WV?
  10. How come fireworks can still make you feel like a kid?
  11. This one is from @luvelizabethany: Is the topless video girl replacing the barely clothed video girl?
  12. Why do we forgive R. Kelly and Chris Brown for their terrible decisions as soon as they decide to sing?
  13. How did America love Kevin Arnold so much on The Wonder Years when he was such a dick?
  14. Do people only remember if the music and food was good from a wedding?

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