14 Questions: The Return Of 14 Questions

Back from island. Despite Matthew’s opinion that this is a stupid feature, the questions remain.

  1. What if there were no hangovers?
  2. Is Matt Lauer still the devil?
  3. J. Lo & Marc Anthony: She only did it (him) for the babies right?
  4. Did Kate Middleton just have the best birth of all time?
  5. Did you know someone sued Pepsi because they couldn’t use Pepsi Points to buy a jet?
  6. Is it me or is “Take Back The Night” a bit underwhelming compared to Justin’s earlier material this year?
  7. Did you really think they would find Zimmerman guilty?
  8. And does anyone believe that Al Sharpton gives a shit about anything other than publicity?
  9. Is Leah Remini quitting Scientology going to make her a nicer person?
  10. So the CW’s Capture is a safer rip-off of The Hunger Games correct?
  11. Who else is glad Whose Line Is It Anyway? is back?
  12. So seriously. What’s the best hip-hop album of 2013 so far?
  13. Is it me or do people who work TSA and Customs in airports enjoy being jerks?
  14. Did you know Bill Cosby released several albums featuring his singing?

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