2012 Oakland Raiders Diary: #6: Chad Henne, Undercover Raiders Player

RETRACTION: Before we get into this, I want to apologize for an error I made in last week’s Diary. Since I’ve been writing these, I’ve been sending them to my dad since he comes up a lot in them. Not long after Diaries #4 & #5 went up, he texted me:

“Never happened.”

I called him to see what he meant and he informed me the details of our Peyton Manning conversation was wrong.

I didn’t think he’d notice.

Truth: Dad and I did have a conversation after I sent him the text about the Broncos getting Peyton.

False: Pretty much all the dialogue.

I really wanted to use the conversation we had but I couldn’t remember exactly what was said. So I winged it. And just like he always does, my dad called me on my error in judgment.

I still think he said something about the Broncos not being a problem for us, I just can’t remember what.

Now on your regularly scheduled Diary.

I keep telling myself a win is a win. Even a win over a team that the Raiders are very clearly better than.

But we almost got stomped out at home by Blaine Gabbert and the Jaguars. Needless to say, I’m not happy.

I was at home at working on other things, so I wasn’t watching the game when my friend (and sometimes Raiders fan, it depends on the Browns score at the time) Johnathan texted me:

“I hate your boy Carson.”

I checked the score online at saw we were down 17-3. Disgusted, I resigned myself to a 1-5 record. I peeked in on the Jets/Patriots game a little later and saw that it was 20-6 in the third. It was enough to make me debate about canceling this season’s Diary indefinitely, but I wasn’t going to quit even though my team was.

I was on Facebook later on Sunday in between checking the score of my game in my fantasy league. And I was shocked to see that we had pulled out the OT win thanks to King Sebastian. But my excitement turned empty pretty quickly because we didn’t deserve to win.

If Gabbert and Maurice Jones-Drew played the full game, the Raiders would’ve been blown out. Gabbert had only missed on 4 passes and hadn’t been sacked once. And we all know how bad the Raiders secondary has been. Jones-Drew hasn’t had a great year following his holdout but a big day against us might have gotten him untracked on his way to 2, maybe 3 TDs.

But lucky for us, Chad Henne and Rashad Jennings finished the game for Jacksonville. While Jennings did score a touchdown, he only managed 44 yards.1 And Henne went 9 for 20, 71 yards, and we sacked him 3 times. But it was Cecil Shorts III’s fumble in overtime that led to our improbable comeback win.

I shouldn’t be so hard on the Raiders but there’s no excuse for how poorly we played after we almost upset Atlanta last week. Carson threw for 298 yards and a touchdown to Denarius but had an interception and a fumble that contributed to our early troubles. I think those miscues are why Johnathan was texting me. While I’ve never admitted that Carson was my boy, he’s still the Raiders quarterback. And anyone standing back there is better than JaMarcus Russell. He did get us back from a 20-6 deficit. It would still be nice if he could lead better when we have a lead though.

And how is Henne still in the league? His stint in Miami is a common joke whenever terrible quarterbacks are mentioned. Obviously, he’s Blaine Gabbert’s backup but there’s no excuse for that even. Henne singlehandedly cost Jacksonville this game with his performance and chances are he starts this Sunday. It’s nice to see a team that’s worse off than the Raiders.

The Raiders did hold the Jaguars to only 2 first downs after halftime but again, Chad Henne was the quarterback. It doesn’t take much to stop a QB who peaked in his college career.

We go into Kansas City this week and the Chiefs have dropped three straight. But they’re coming off a bye week and they’ll probably be well-rested for a good old fashioned AFC West rivalry game. The Raiders should win this. We should be 3-4 by next week’s diary. But if Jamaal Charles has a field day like most running backs have been having against us, forget about it. On the other hand, if Charles plays average, I don’t think Matt Cassel will beat us. Is he still the starter?

I hate the Chiefs. And Marcus Allen never played for them! That was his evil twin. I’m not addressing this anymore.

On a good note, the Raiders are only a game out of first place in the AFC West. But we have a long road to travel before we can even think about that being a reality.

Current outlook: 6-10.2

  1. Darren only picked up 53 yards and no TDs. Even Carson managed to punch one in.
  2. I’ve literally stared at this screen for almost an hour and a half trying to top 1000 words. Couldn’t do it. Be more interesting team.


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