Moves Like Curtis: The Podcast – Episode #6: 2013 NFL Preview (Guest: Zach Joiner)

In the finale of the 2013 NFL preseason, Zach “Spideydude” Joiner is back with Tom (Kelen and Paul bailed, shame shame) to deliver the 2013 NFL Preview! Containing: Richard Seymour is still eating chicken, how the NFC West has become one of the best divisions in the NFL within 3 seasons, the Steelers get compared … [[Continue Reading]]

Nocturne Travel Agency Podcast – Episode #6: Jack Ketchum

Tom’s guest this episode is renowned horror author Jack Ketchum! From his humble beginnings, his time as Jerzy Livingston, his thoughts on some other horror writers, the importance of thanking the writers and artists who came before you, Splatterpunk, The Girl Next Door, how real life inspires his work, his experience with taking his books … [[Continue Reading]]