Curated Content: Re: The 11th Annual Pajiba 10 Voting Commences Now: Who Are Your Five Freebies?

UPDATE: The results are in. After weeks of anticipation and what I can only assume is our readers frantically refreshing their browsers every five seconds, the 2017 Pajiba 10 has arrived. The 11th Annual list of the brainiest, geekiest, loveliest, most thoughtful and lustful celebs is here. As always, the Pajiba 10 is comprised entirely [[Continue Reading]]

Penny Newsletter – #06: My Faith in Spider-Man Has Been Restored

Item! The latest episode of Hyphen Nation has arrived and it's glorious. And I mean Bobby Roode GLORIOUS. I've been talking about this episode for quite some time… but it morphed into this other thing. Marcus “ShowinmadLov” Robinson joined me again as we discussed the 13th solo album of Jay-Z's catalog among other things. It's [[Continue Reading]]

Hyphen Nation – Episode #35: Bobby Shmurda Anybody Ya Heard Of (Costarring Marcus “ShowinmadLov” Robinson)

In an episode that had to happen, THE WORLD’S GREATEST PODCAST tackles what has now come to be known as 4:44, Jay-Z’s latest album. Joining me for the ride once again is Marcus “ShowinmadLov” Robinson as we break down the road Jay took to get to this album and pretty much review it track-by-track. Is [[Continue Reading]]