A Podcast Called Fresh – Deep dive into The Children of the Atom and Spider-Man: Far From Home (Part 2 of Episode 8) featuring Marcus Robinson

Oh you thought we was gone leave you with a cliffhanger? Nah, son, we got too much love to do you like that! Last episode we told you we were gonna cover both House of X and Powers of X….and here it is! We give our thoughts on not only the issues themselves, but we also cover where we think its heading, how it fits into the X-Men/mutant timeline as well as several other amazing points! Lastly, and in no way least, we close with a review of Far From Home, taken from the Barack Obama approved Hyphen Nation Podcast! We hope you enjoy and share this episode/podcast, because it was a joy for us to do and we ignored our wives and daughters to get this done lol. No, honestly…..ENJOY!

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