A Podcast Called Fresh – Mutant Fanboying, House of X, Powers of X, and Uncanny X-Men Reviews

What’s good my blerds and blerdettes? Miles Amadeus Prower here, with another episode of APCF! New episode, new content, new co-host and a newly rekindled love for the children of the atom! Me and Mr. Conley review the latest X-Men issues, as well as nerd out over our X-Men fandoms as well as talk about what made us fall in and out of love for Marvel’s mutants. Oh yeah, there’s a pretty interesting glossed over review of Uncanny X-Men from the X-Man arc up to current. Sidenote: we can’t put enough emphasis on how glossed over the uncanny review is, but make no mistake, it’s more then enough to wet your whistle! Please remember to like, share, subscribe and rate our podcast on any or all platforms of your choice.

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