Real Name: Kelen Conley
Group Affliation: Soundvizion, Tricycle Offense, I Love Morgantown WV, Marvel/DC Anthology
Height: 5’9″ (on a good day) Weight: 265
Wins: 38 Losses: 25 Ties: 6
Win Percentage: .551
Nicknames: Hyphen/Hyph, H-Y, Spideyville, Martino Castroni, Illnizzy
First Appearance: A Town Named Winchester #311 (Jan, 1983)

I spent years marooned on an island, vowing to return to save my city. I was injected with a super serum by the U.S. Government. I know, I know… I live in a REALLY bad neighborhood, and I want to clean it up. Because the world needs a shield of armor, and I can be that shield. Gamma radiation made me do it. Years of practice, training, and drive to become a symbol of fear in the hearts of criminals. It was my destiny.

Truth is, I’m not just a nerd, I coined Nerd Fresh to describe myself. When I get into something, I dive-in head first. From Ninja Turtles as a kid to my latest fascination with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, that’s just the way I am. My strong points lie with my love of music (which led me to making my own music as B Hyphen), my podcasting (which I’ve been doing since 2006), and my little bit of humble writing that litters this site. My online presence has been in existence since 2004 (and in its previous incarnation as B Hyphen Online since 2000) and is always evolving… because I won’t leave it alone. Anyway, enjoy the site and you can contact me below at these various places.