Book To The Future: Raw – 12/4/17

Like most people, I am a part of more than a few group chats, whether they be via text, Facebook Messenger, or Slack. After ideas of better storylines formed for WWE over the weekend in my Rassle Chat group, I booked last night’s Raw. I wasn’t that far off. I was going to book tonight’s SmackDown as well but I’m just not feeling it, as you may tell from how well my 31 Days Of Music series is going. I might revisit fantasy booking from time to time.

Raw 12/4/17

  • Raw opens with Roman coming to the ring to invite someone to challenge him for the IC Title. Jason Jordan comes out but is immediately attacked by Woken Matt Hardy. Hardy takes his place and he and Roman square off for the belt. Around 8:30, Matt nails the Twist Of Fate and is going for the cover when Jordan yanks him off Roman and attacks him. They brawl to the back; Reigns retains, Hardy wins by DQ.
  • Bray v Samoa Joe. Joe wins in a one-sided affair as Bray seems preoccupied with the previous match. Bray is seen chanting DELETE as Joe heads to the back.
  • Rose/Deville tag against James/Bayley in a prelude to tonight’s main event of Sasha/Paige. Rose/Deville go over with the referee distracted.
  • Braun is backstage and gets into an altercation with Rhyno. He tells Rhyno to meet him in the ring and to bring help. Braun is in the ring following commercial break when Rhyno’s music hits. As he gets into the ring, Elias’ music hits and it’s a handicap match. Rhyno and Elias give Braun all that they got but Strowman wins when they give him an opening. Kane’s ring pyro hits but the Big Red Machine does not appear.
  • Towzawa and Enzo face off in a non-title match. Towaza wins going away but then Hideo Itami appears and lays waste to both men. He then throws the Cruiserweight Title back in a defeated Enzo’s face.
  • Interview with Joe about why he didn’t answer Roman’s call after attacking him last week. Joe says he hasn’t had the career he’s had by being predictable. He’ll confront Roman again when he’s good and ready.
  • The Bar v Rollins/Ambrose for the Tag Team titles. They have another solid match for 20 minutes that ends with the some miscommunication between Seth and Dean ending with Dean eating a Brogue Kick for the loss.
  • Nia v Dana. I good 10 minute match that ends when Nia takes a bad bump (kayfabe) over the barricade and both women are counted out. Brooke has to be separated from Jax as Nia sells the injury.
  • Paul Heyman promo, no Brock. Heyman puts over Brock and then starts feeding into the Finn’s not over hype (and the fact that Vince wants to make him Raw’s Dolph, WTF?!). Heyman says that Brock had wanted to give Balor an opportunity considering he was the first Universal Champ but if Vincent Kennedy McMahon and the WWE Universe don’t believe in Balor, why should he bother? Finn’s music hits and he and Heyman go back and forth. Balor reminds everyone that he also pinned the WWE Champion AJ Styles a full month before Brock did and that AJ almost beat Brock. Finn says he wouldn’t be visiting Suplex City…he planned to burn it to the ground. Heyman keeps talking and Finn threats violence but then departs with Heyman cowering in the corner.
  • Miztourage face off against The Club. The Club makes quick work of Axel and Dallas. Dash Wilder is on commentary as he puts over The Revival and how Scott Dawson is healing.
  • Rollins and Ambrose are still bickering in the back. Reigns joins and things seem to calm down, but the camera lingers on how angry Seth seems to be with their resolution.
  • Rich Swann faces off against Kalisto in a fun match. Swann goes over and reminds everyone that he has a title shot against Enzo coming.
  • Asuka is interviewed about the return of Paige. She says her sights are set on Alexa Bliss’ gold and she has little time for temper tantrums from wannabe vampires.
  • Goldust goes over Apollo Crews in a 10 minute match. Could be the start of a run for Goldust following his triumph at Starrcade. Titus tries and fails to recruit Goldust to Titus Worldwide.
  • First Woken Matt Hardy promo featuring Senor Benjamin. In the background, Bray is seen watching gleefully.
  • Big Cass recovery vignette.
  • Main event: Sasha w/ Absolution v Paige w/ Bayley. Ring rust is apparent with Paige and the Boss takes advantage early. Absolution manages to even the odds with a few well-placed distractions. As Paige is starting to make a comeback, Absolution’s interference is mistaken for Bayley and the Hugster is sent to the back. Despite the odds, the Bank Statement is applied and Absolution attacks Banks. Deville and Rose immediately beat down Sasha, causing the DQ. The three women continue the attack the announce table and they put her through it despite Bayley returning to help. Sasha is stretchered out and Bayley climbs in the ambulance which leaves the arena quickly. Raw ends with Absolution celebrating at the top of the stage. Paige’s last words: “One down…”

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