Breaking Bad – Favorite/Hated Characters

Thomas Crawford: Jesse is my favorite, hands down. Jesse sort of represents human nature and the condition on the show. He goes to highs, lows; starts out as a punk that you hate, then you find out he has a soft side for his brother and kids in general. He needs some authority figures in his life to help guide him when he is in trouble, but who hasn’t needed that? He finds his way, loses it, finds it again. He makes mistakes, learns from them, then makes them again or something similar and gets burned.

Every person at the end of their life would look back and see a lot of the same things; they would have memories both good and bad, regrets, lost loves, hating themselves for some things, triumphs, etc. The only difference is that Pinkman experienced them all in a very condensed span of time. He just encapsulates what it means to be human. (Vocab five to myself for finally getting to use encapsulate).

Honorable mention, gotta throw it out to Saul Goodman, a slick man that you should hate but I love for being honest and a self-realized man. He knows he’s a scumbag, but he has his own code of honor and shows he isn’t spineless (telling Walt to turn himself in, only way he can save his family now). That’s just Saul, point blank, honest, even though he knows it’s not popular opinion. Also have to include Walt Jr./Flynn, the last two episodes have been crazy. He has sort of played the innocent character throughout, but also been able to stand up to his old man. He knows what is right and wrong in his mind, and have to give kudos.

My most hated character, Jane. Yes, there was some drama and pushed the story, but I mentioned before I don’t like that tool that much. The female antagonist coming between two male protagonists is easy; that’s why it’s over used. As it is, she just falls into that spot mostly because there were so few characters if any that I could say I truly hated. I didn’t hate Jane I guess, just didn’t like her role.

Kelen Conley: Jesse Pinkman is the winner of my favorite character sweepstakes as well. Which is almost as crazy of a turn as me hating McNaulty by the time I finished watching The Wire in full again. All through season 1 and season 2 and season 3, this kid is finding ways to fuck everything up time and time again. All Walt wants to do is get enough money for his family and this guy Pinkman…what a loser.

Then we get to season 4. Fresh from having to murder Gale, Jesse is out of fucks to give. Insane, never ending ragers at the house. Getting robbed and not caring. Little did he know that Gus was done with Walter White and wanted to see to it that Jesse was too. And it worked…until Walt lied his way out of a bullet to the skull.

Season 4 and 5 is when Jesse grew the fuck up finally. And that’s when I realized that BB was not only about Walt becoming a villain, it’s also about Jesse learning to change his life.

Honorable mentions: Hank Schrader, Gustavo Fring, Mike Ehrmantraut

Hated character: Todd Alquist. I think of Todd as Jesse’s evil twin: the kid who had it all coming up but then chose to hang out with his Neo-Nazi uncle after high school. He reminds me of one of those kids who would always come up short of expectations, but everyone liked him so much that they let him pass on that alone. And now I think I’m talking about myself a little bit. But this last half of season 5 has been his grizzly masterpiece, and I hate him for it.

Anthony Sellers: Favorite: Saul Goodman. As Thomas stated, he’s a self-realized man and always honest at every turn. Not only is he honest, but he has no regrets in life because he can accept who he is, the slum lawyer that talks money, at least to an extent. (That’s where his similarities go awry between him and Maurice Levy from The Wire, am I right?) What sets Saul apart from everyone else is the fact that he has all the connections, but is never in direct contact with those connections. (“I have a guy who knows a guy.”) Although I don’t think he ever thought he’d have to actually use any of those connections for himself. But that was the fine line he walked.

Most Hated: Huell Babineaux. Huell was good up till the point where Hank took him and punked his ass bigger than Kim Kardashian’s ass. He had that personality that was like, “Yeah, whatever happens happens.” Then Hank threatens him with death and he folded. Come On, Mannn.

Honorable Mention: Hank, because he was so dead set on the Sky Blue and he loved being a cop more than anything in the world. He was beyond passionate and let the whole “I’m a DEA Agent” get to his head. And he wanted to ram his authority up anybody who tried to get in his way! And that’s what gets him killed.

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