Breaking Bad – “Madrigal”

When we last left our anti-heroes, they had just managed to wipe a hard drive containing video (and possibly other evidence) that had Walt, Jesse, and Mike all on the scene of the now destroyed superlab. Their methods of wiping the hard drive also destroyed a police evidence room and revealed a Cayman Island’s account in the name of one Gustavo Fring.

In this week’s teaser, we get our first glimpse into a company called Madrigal Electromotive and one employee named Peter Schuler. After a brief introduction of Schuler tasting sauces, he then proceeds to commit suicide in order to avoid the authorities who have came to question him. We later learn in the show that Schuler was fully aware of Fring’s meth dealings and that Madrigal was an apparent partner of Los Pollos Hermanos.

Jesse and Walt toss his house looking for the ricin cigarette from last season. It’s nice that they felt the need to tie up this loose end even after Brock was revealed to be poisoned by Lilly of the Valley. I don’t know when Walt was able to plant the fake ricin in the Roomba though, maybe when Jesse was in another room. The discovery of the cigarette fully brings Jesse back to Walt’s side and erases all the work Gus and Mike did last season to make him distrust his old teacher.

But…why would Walt hide an explosive in his own home?

The introduction of Lydia intrigues me to no end. Who is this woman? We know she works for a now fully cooperating Madrigal but what part did she play in the meth dealings? At first, I thought this was the wife I’m sure we heard Gus talk about before. Her true origins still a mystery, she asks Mike to kill all 11 men that were on Gus’s payroll at the time of his death. When Mike declines, she hires Chris Mara to do the deed and he succeeds in killing Chow before Mike ultimately kills him.

Her worries aren’t entirely unfounded. The Cayman Islands account revealed all 11 men who were on payroll and each man has been brought in and questioned. The DEA has already seized all of their money, including 2 million that Mike had in his granddaughter’s name. Unfazed, Mike is cool as ever when Hank and Gomez question him.

Walt and Jesse decide to get back to cooking meth (Walter is broke and they feel things will be different as owners) much to the dismay of Skyler, Mike, and Saul. Mike even declines partnership but we all saw that coming from a mile away. The duo push on, however, with methylamine and a new place to cook being the last essentials.

When Mike showed up in Houston to off Lydia, there seemed to be no way around it. But Lydia’s pitch to not let her child feel abandoned once her body disappears allows her a stay of exexcution and Mike asks her if she can still secure methylamine. With the deal done, Mike calls Walt and tells him he’s willing to be partners.

Satisfied, we end with another creepy scene of Walt crawling into bed with Skyler, with Skyler so paralyzed with fear that she can’t even face him. Walt leaves her with more excuses that the family is why he still does this as he kisses her back.

I still love Walt. I can’t help it. But it was a nice change of pace for this to be a Mike-centric episode. Mike has been a favorite character of mine since he cleaned up after Jane died and anytime we get more glimpses into his world makes me happy. I really hope he makes it out of this series alive.

It’s also great to see Hank back at full strength, even if he is bearing down more on his brother-in-law every week.

And at this point, there’s no reason to list who could out Walt and Jesse. It could be anyone at any moment.

And I love it.

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