Breaking Bad – Series Finale Predictions/Bear Musings

Kelen Conley: So after all the emotional of this episode (“Granite State”)…where do we go from here? Walt’s headed back to the ABQ, his family are loose ends…who dies besides Walt? Is it Skyler’s time? Is the ricin for Lydia or Todd? How far are the Feds on Walt’s ass? Does Walt finally die in the series finale?

Thomas Crawford: I think Walt is going to use the ricin on Lydia, or his former partners of Gray Matter; that whole bs thing telling the news that Walt just came up with the name of the company sort of set him off. I wonder if Skyler dies, I’m not sure if Lydia trusts her to keep her mouth shut even with Todd’s warning…and we have seen how Lydia handles anyone who can point a finger at her. It’s also clearly obvious that Todd would do it without hesitation; Lydia wouldn’t even have to pay him for it. The machine gun seems like it’s for a showdown with the Nazis, however, this seems too unlike Walt and this show in general. I think the writers want us to think it but they may just be leading us on with showing the gun.

KC: Since Skyler didn’t get arrested, I definitely think she’s dying. Walt Jr. and Holly end up with Marie (who narrowly escapes death).

I think the M-60 is for Gretchen and Elliott. If Walt manages to tie up all the other loose ends in ABQ, why not burst into their home and murder them in cold blood? Then he could keel over immediately after; fade to black.

I’m not sure who kills Skyler though. I wouldn’t be surprised if some firefight broke out and both Skyler and Lydia were nearby. Then when Skyler lives through the assault, a desperate Lydia picks up a discarded gun and shoots her. But then again, that’s not really her style.

And at some point this episode, Lydia will definitely use Todd’s crush to benefit her in some way.

Who’s dead after the finale list

  • Walt
  • Skyler
  • Nazis
  • Todd
  • Gretchen
  • Elliott

Which leaves Jesse and Lydia remaining alive.

Anthony Sellers: Jesse dies this episode. He’s gonna try to escape again to no avail. A couple of the Nazis will die but not Todd and his uncle. Skyler I could see dying and Marie getting the children for the family’s sake. Walt kills Gretchen and Elliott but dies trying to save Jesse.

KC: No way Jesse dies. While BB has never been a show to stray too far from reality, doesn’t it deserve to have some form of happy ending for someone?

Jesse won’t try to escape again, he already watched Andrea die and Jack said Brock was next so he’ll try to kill himself before he tries to escape.

…And I just stumbled onto something huge. What if Walt does go after the Nazis to save Jesse, somehow succeeds but Jesse killed himself somehow before he could get to him? Like maybe he remembers how to make the gas from episode 1 that Walt made and he just ends it for himself?

But that’s exactly what I mean too. How many viewers would feel cheated if Jesse kills himself? I know I would unless it’s done perfectly. And everything this part of season 5 has been perfect.

And why does Todd and Jack get to live? You almost sound like you’re pulling for the bad guys. If they don’t get their comeuppance, what’s the point of Walt going back to ABQ? He would’ve waited to be apprehended.

But on another note, again, what if Walt doesn’t die by finale’s end?

And to completely veer from predictions: What does the teddy bear in season 3 symbolize?

TC: Did we ever make any connection with the bear and Jane because of that mural in her room showing the falling pink bear?

KC: NO. I thought we (Anth and I) had just made a connection with Walter wearing pink in the season 2 finale when the bear falls out of the sky. The bear is a representation of his world falling apart with Skyler kicking him out of the house. And the bear sinking into the pool represents Walt drowning in his loss.

TC: Hah, well I just sort of remembered something about the pink bear on Jane’s wall mural while her dad was getting her funeral dress, just a thought.

I remember reading a comment about it, went back and checked it out. It’s sort of eerie.

KC: No, I meant I didn’t realize not NO that’s a terrible idea.

TC: Oh, well check out the final episode of season two, like 24 minutes left in it, I just watched.

KC: I think the bear represents all the characters in season 2 at some point or another, with the final one being Walter. Just based on the cold openings:

  • Episode 1: No-Doze and Gonzo. No-Doze because Tuco beat the shit out of him (burns on bear), Gonzo because of the missing eye (when the cars fell on him).
  • Episode 4: Jesse. Bear is put in evidence bag, away from home; Jesse gets kicked out and is living in the RV.
  • Episode 10: Walt. Bear is placed in a container and cleanup is taking place, but there’s still a lot of work to do; Walt “quits”, gets Jr. drunk, fixes the water heater, discovers the “rot”, but then runs into two guys trying to get into the business and threatens them.
  • Episode 13: Jane/Walt. Bear leaves in van, smoking city is shown; Jane is dead from “crashing” into Walter White. She’s the bear being taken away in the beginning while the bear represents Walt falling to “safety” in the end.

TC: Looked way more into it than I did, but you have a strong analysis there.

KC: Just saw the bear picture in Jane’s room. Definitely think the girl in the art is her and Walter is the bear. The Moon and Saturn could be Jesse orbiting her since she became his world. Clock shows that her time is running out.

Feel free to move back to my finale questions and thoughts, this is getting heavy.

Clock shows time is running away from her, this was in the last episode of the season.

TC: I think I like it, but at same time I think the focus is on the girl and the bear because when I watched it, that was the main thing you got to see. And when you see it over the shoulder of her dad as he opens the closet door, that is all you get to see, both are falling, it definitely symbolizes her I think. Perhaps what I read in a comment, how the bear represents her, an innocent that Walt has led to harm. Even though he has tried to rationalize it, he is doing things that hurt people, even those he doesn’t know, as in the passengers of the two planes. Walt’s actions have far-reaching consequences than even he understands and he doesn’t find out until season three when he realizes it was Jane’s father that caused the accident.

KC: There’s a bear in the tree in the “Rabid Dog” episode, 12th of season five. It’s stuck in a tree representing Jesse falling right into Hank’s hands. I’m done now.

TC: Ha! How about we are too specific? I like the bear representing the far-reaching consequences, while Walt is “trying to do the right thing for his family”.

KC: Just watched the first episode of season 3, 167 people died. 167! All because Walt let Jane choke! This would be one of the great American tragedies if it really happened.

TC: Dude this would be, all because of a decision. I more like the morality tale of this, that one decision, one action, or inaction can lead to consequences that aren’t even considered.

KC: I was just about to say I agreed with you overall, far-reaching consequences would be the big picture. I’m nitpicking.

TC: By the way, do you really think Lydia will make it out? I mean, she is responsible for Todd putting the fear into Skyler, and I’m assuming the last episode takes place over a few months. Walt is probably going to figure out she had a hand in it and whatever else happens to Skyler and his family. I really don’t like her getting away scot free.

KC: We have three women left and I really think Marie and Lydia are the ones that live. Marie lost Hank, Walt loses Skyler, Todd dies, leaving Lydia behind after she somehow uses him. I didn’t take into account that a few months pass; Walt does have to drive cross-country with cancer wracking his body…

Fuck, Anthony might be right. Jesse will probably be dead before Walt even gets back to ABQ then. And I really think suicide might be how he does it. Then, when the Nazis find out Walt’s back in town, they’re determined to make him their new in-house cook.

But yeah, I really would like Lydia to bite it or go to prison or some shit.

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