Curated Content: 44 Point On 10 Shots

Marcus came through with some thoughts about Jay-Z’s new album 4:44 and I agree wholeheartedly. 4:44 podcast with myself and Marcus soon cometh. I’m going to play “Marcy Me” some more. Have a good weekend.

One of the questions asked on June 30th, the night 4:44 dropped, asked by The Undefeated’s twitter account, was what is your favorite song from the album. I’ve been going back and forth thinking about an answer and I’m still coming to the same conclusion: I have no favorite. Even further, I’m willing to say, as of right now, their is no best song on 4:44. Some say the stinging honesty of the album title track, “4:44”, is the undeniable or the gutterness and dancehall vibes that “Bam” gives off is too enjoyable. While all true, when I think I’m ready to pick, I’ll listen to another song from the album and will be ready to switch answers again. This is the best outcome that I could have hoped for from a Jay-Z album in 2017.

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