Curated Content: Aziz Ansari on Quitting the Internet, Loneliness, and Season 3 of Master of None

I’ve known there was something special about Aziz Ansari from the moment I saw him on Human Giant. Then he was in the “Otis” video. Then I saw him live. And now, we have two brilliant seasons of Master Of None and an Emmy victory. Now what.

He’s early. I’m not sure how early he got to Au Passage, a restaurant serving small plates (Aziz’s choice) that’s tucked away on a graffiti-riddled street in central Paris. But he beat me—and I was early. I found him leaning on a wall, alone. Not looking at his phone or speaking with the maître d’. In fact, his posture didn’t project any of the standard anxiety one gets while waiting alone in a crowded place. After a short back-and-forth about whether the Gucci Princetown slippers I’m wearing are still cool (when it comes to matters of taste, Aziz has opinions on everything), we sit down, elbow to elbow with other Americans who are excited to overpay for a sliver of duck.

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