Curated Content: Culinary Tail

I’ve been a huge Pixar fan from the very beginning. The Toy Story trilogy, Finding Nemo & Dory, Inside Out, Monsters Inc, and especially The Incredibles. But one of my favorite Pixar movies may also be the most slept on. Ratatouille is about a rat named Remy who has a very special talent for cooking and how he helps a young goof become one of the hottest chef’s in all of Paris. Go watch Ratatouille and then come back and read this.

Fittingly, the idea came to Jan Pinkava in the kitchen. During a mealtime conversation with his wife around 2000, it scurried into the filmmaker’s head. “I just suddenly thought,” he told me, “‘What about a story about a rat who wants to become a chef?’”

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