Curated Content: Durant is More MJ Than LeBron Will Ever Be.

I don’t know how I feel about Kevin Durant. He was amazing in the Finals and the definite MVP. LeBron averaged a triple double and almost stole 2 wins from the eventual champions. LeBron also has a lot more to prove going into next season with Kyrie wanting out and everybody dogging him for opting out next summer when he hasn’t even done it yet. This is an interesting read but I still don’t know about putting Durant closer to Michael. Durant still hasn’t had to put the Warriors on his back (I can’t count Game 3. Those were dagger threes but that was a team victory) and he definitely couldn’t do it in OKC when it mattered. Choose one.

Let me get this out of the way before I wake up with a bloody Raptor head in my bed — the following column has nothing to do with basketball talent. This is not a LeBron versus Durant ‘Greatest Player in the World’ debate, nor does it pertain to skill, styles of play, winning percentages, number of rings, lengths of dominance, or MVP Awards.

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