Curated Content: Hugging Your Way to the Top: Bayley’s Journey

I decided to start using Pocket last year and now I have even more stuff that I need to read (and I’m only 4 books in on my GoodReads reading challenge of twenty books this year, so that’s not looking good either). The very first thing I saved was a 10 part storystream by Andrew Swift for Cageside Seats about Bayley’s career in NXT. I finished the last part earlier his week and I’m kicking myself for not reading it sooner. You might not like Bayley (I’m more for any of the other 3 Four Horsewomen but I’m still learning, just as Andrew admits he did) but you’ll have a new found respect for her by the time you finish this wonderful piece of work. Hit the ropes.

The hug is the ultimate expression of love. It can symbolize family, friendship, romance. It’s a universal commonality offering comfort, support, endorsement. It is both the most innocent and mature statement a human can make to another. The amount of hugs a person gives and receives are in some way a measure of how much love exists in that person’s life—the more hugs someone gives and receives, the more beloved they are.

I think it’s safe to say that Bayley is very beloved.

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