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I met my friend Nicole years ago on a blogging site called Xanga. She met her husband and 2x baby daddy Errick Greenlee on Xanga. Nicole and I met in person when she and Errick drove all over the East Coast visiting friends a few summers back. Angel and I took them to get barbeque and then Errick and I watched Raw together. I left them to sleep on a super uncomfortable pull out couch for the night. They lied to my face and said it was comfortable. What do you do with people like that?

In the now, Errick has become one of my go-to guys while Nicole has morphed into an even better version of her previous self in all facets. Errick was kind enough to be the first guest on the podcast (Episodes #10 & #11 – Helpful​ Hyphen) and is one of the first people I look to for feedback on most anything I come up with.

We have a fire episode of Hyphen Nation with an in-depth review of Moana coming. This is what happens when you have daughters ladies, and gentlemen. It doesn't hurt that Moana may be a top ten Disney feature film. And I don't think it's too early to tell; when you get NOTES out of the The Rock and he's not using his ukelele, you're onto something.

With that said, the artist sometimes known as Handsome Bane is FINALLY trying his own hand at podcasting and bringing his friend Everyday Rogue with him. They recorded their pilot episode this past Sunday on not 1, not 2, but 3 forms of social media live outlets. I think they're definitely on to something. They plan on getting together for their second outing this weekend but experience the audio whoop ass now rather than later (I've been listening to a TON of the Steve Austin Show, sorry, not sorry).

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