Curated Content: #PizzaBlog Looking at the first summer

You may have heard of Chris Slater from his work over at one of my other sites Tricycle Offense. Or you may have heard me that time on his podcast (which he needs to get back to). I’ve always found Chris to be a highly talented writer so I devour anything he comes out with. As you can see above, Chris spent a lot of time at Pizza Hut, just like I spent a lot of time at The Shoe Dept. in my 20s (and 30s). And he has stories. Nothing mind blowing, just well told stories of his life at the Hut. Please check this out.

The Facebook “memories” deal showed me something from five years ago that made me do a bit of a double take. Five years ago, June 10, 2012, was the last day of operation for the “old” Pizza Hut building in Princeton. The one between McDonalds and Hardees, and across the street from the high school, shut down on that day and opened shortly after at its current location down the street in the Kroger plaza. I wasn’t there when that happened.

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