Curated Content: Probably The Most Powerful Thing I’ve Seen On Television This Year

I’ve loved Survivor since the series started. I don’t watch every single season anymore but if I had to sit down and make a list of my favorite reality game shows, I’m pretty sure Survivor is in the top three. I may still apply to be on the show… it’s never too late to starve for however many days in the name of millions of dollars. I’ll have to run it by Aaliyah. The real point of this is how a gay man had to hide in plain sight on the show… and how it relates to the author’s own gay brother.

I found out my older brother was gay when I jokingly called him gay to one of our coworkers.

True story.

“Yeah,” said the co-worker absentmindedly, busy finishing his work for the day “but he’s a great guy. What are you gonna do?”

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