Curated Content: Re: The 11th Annual Pajiba 10 Voting Commences Now: Who Are Your Five Freebies?

UPDATE: The results are in.

After weeks of anticipation and what I can only assume is our readers frantically refreshing their browsers every five seconds, the 2017 Pajiba 10 has arrived. The 11th Annual list of the brainiest, geekiest, loveliest, most thoughtful and lustful celebs is here. As always, the Pajiba 10 is comprised entirely of YOUR votes, so if you’re unhappy, you have no one to blame but yourselves. Fortunately, I think, few will be unhappy with this year’s Pajiba 10. It’s a phenomenal list assembled with more votes than ever. The list this year includes seven first-times, one second-timer, and two new Hall of Fame members (numbers 9 and 10 on the list).

Every year, Pajiba holds something called the Pajiba 10, where you pick 5 people from the same sex and 5 from the opposite sex to be on your “freebie” list. Heather and I have went back and forth about this list the past couple of years and we spent last weekend actually coming up with our 10. They also had us pick a favorite Chris out of Pine, Pratt, Evans, and Hemsworth. Spoiler: I’m with Cap.

Ewan MacGregor
Oscar Isaac
Justin Theroux
Mahershala Ali
Riz Ahmed
Ruth Negga
Jenny Slate
Gal Gadot
Zoe Kravitz
Carrie Coon

Chris: Pine

Aubrey Plaza
Gal Gadot
Jessica Williams
Gillian Jacobs
Rhea Seehorn
Andrew Lincoln
Michael B Jordan
Chadwick Boseman
Stanley Tucci
Donald Glover

Chris: Evans

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