I cussed Marcus out for this one because it’s genius and I didn’t think of it first. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is just like the Golden State Warriors. They continue to win despite the DC Extended Universe’s best efforts. Read it and weep for my lack of creativity.

During the impressive run that MCU had with The Avengers Saga and Guardians, DC Comics lagged extremely behind. The DC Extended Universe (a faux-Marvel Comic Universe), created in 2011, was set to compete with MCU but the output has been subpar for the most part. DCEU’s first release of 2013 Man of Steele (55% [75%]) wasn’t the one. Nor was the repugnant Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (27% [63%]) nor Suicide Squad (25% [61%]). The Justice League trailers have all looked underwhelming and generic, sort of like the new era Los Angeles Lakers. Like city of Los Angeles, the movie looks gaudy but everything that glitters ain’t gold. There are a lot of pieces to get excited about on paper (like Magic Johnson being president of basketball operations for the Lakers and Lonzo Ball being a great draft prospect or Ezra Miller, a talented young actor playing The Flash, or Khal Drogo playing Aquaman) but you don’t trust things will play out for the best.

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