Curated Content: The New Day reflect on a special first for Xavier Woods

If for some reason you haven’t watched or read or heard anything about Battleground this past Sunday and you don’t want to, type into your address bar and press enter. For those of us who are aware that the New Day captured the SmackDown Live Tag Team Championships, that alone is not enough reason for this post. Nope. WWE has exclusive interviews with the superstars following their matches after PPVs but this isn’t your normal New Day spiel. The guys take time to reflect on Xavier scoring his first ever pinfall for a championship in his time at WWE but then E and Xavier take the time to put over Kofi as possibly the most exalted African American wrestler EVER (though Booker T may have some input in that conversation). And WWE backed this video by posting it on their YouTube channel. I may have a strong rant coming in Episode #36 about how there has never been an African American WWE Championship title holder (not the World Heavyweight Championship) but this is so dope.

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