Curated Content: Thomas Jones: Pain, Power, Pride

My dad was one of the best running backs in the northern Virginia area in the late 60s, so a love of the position has always been in my blood. Even though I always imagined myself as a wide receiver, some of my favorite players have been backs. So when I ran across this piece on Thomas Jones, who was one of the best Bears’ running backs since… Neal Anderson I guess, I was thrilled. Another great Jack Silverstein read.

Thomas Jones came to the sideline with one demand: “Don’t take me out.”

“I was in this zone,” Jones told me last week as we discussed Super Bowl XLI. The gameplan was to alternate playing time between he and Cedric Benson, but early on, Jones felt he had the Colts defense figured out.

“I had broken this long run,” he said. “I really felt that was going to be a game where I would go for 200 or 250 or something crazy.”

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