Curated Content: You Can Now Podcast with Anchor

There was a time when I got super into Snapchat and was following all kinds of “power snappers”. I discovered Gary Vaynerchuck thanks to Hoops and one of the things he was talking about at the time, was the Anchor app.

I immediately was into the idea of being able to have a new audio outlet to try but it was only for iPhone. I signed up for an Android beta waiting list and kind of forgot about it as I fell out of my Snapchat phase. Anchor was true to its word and emailed me when the beta version of Anchor was ready. I downloaded it and tried it… and immediately realized it wasn’t for me.

I opened my Medium newsletter this morning to find that Anchor now allows you to do all the steps necessary to make your own podcast within the app and post it to Apple Podcasts and Google Play Music. Anchor will literally do everything and you can join the podcasting craze!

Fuck that.

This is the equivalent of people being able to make their own videos too easily and YouTube having 90% crap on it. Soon we’ll have 70 year old grandmothers talking to their cats. And there will probably be an audience for it.

Look, I might not be the world’s most consistent podcaster but I consider podcasting one of the newer art forms out. The time it takes to craft a good podcast is right there in the sound. I’ve ran across umpteen podcasts in the past 18 months that looked good on paper, but were complete trash once I listened to them.

Anchor just watered down the podcast game for everyone. The cream will really rise to the top now. Episode #35 of THE WORLD’S GREATEST PODCAST coming soon.

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