Dope Reads: Does Anyone Remember That Kobe Retired?

I only ask because April has been insane. I still don’t feel like the world has started spinning since last Thursday. Since I couldn’t find the words, Bomani Jones and Questlove both put out some beautiful pieces about Prince. ESPN has four entries this time, 2 about Kobe, 1 by the wonderful Danyel Smith about Whitney’s version of the National Anthem, and 1 about why Tiger fell off so hard (and Golf chimes in too). There’s two really good pieces about Little Brother and 2Pac in here too. Bookmark this and prepare to lose yourself for the next few hours… or days.

  • Kobe. 81. Oral history. – ESPN
  • Have I mentioned that I really loved Creed? And that I called the awards nominations? – Variety
  • You should really read All-Star Superman. I’m a Marvel guy telling you this. – Comics Should Be Good
  • A beautiful piece about Whitney Houston’s rendition of the National Anthem at Super Bowl XXV. – ESPN
  • It’s been 20 years since Pac released All Eyez On Me. Here’s a truly in-depth look at its creation and lasting impact. – HipHopDX
  • Yet another anniversary, Little Brother all speak on the creation of The Minstrel Show, 10 years later. – WatchLoud
  • The New Music Cartel ruled the hip-hop world for a time. This is their story. – Complex
  • Deadpool just passed Man Of Steel and Iron Man for money at the movies. See how Wade got here. – Vulture
  • I’ve been saying Tiger Woods wouldn’t win a major again for years but no one could have predicted how far he would fall. – Golf
  • How Pulp Fiction left Amsterdam and became a worldwide phenomenon… and lost the Oscar to Forrest Gump. I love Forrest Gump but that’s Pulp Fiction’s Oscar! – Vanity Fair
  • Kobe. 60. The days before and the day after. – ESPN
  • Prince has died. And even 5 days later, I have trouble writing those words. Bomani Jones eulogizes the Great One. – Playboy
  • It seems everything unraveled for Tiger the moment his dad passed. – ESPN
  • Questlove remembers Prince. – Rolling Stone

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