Dope Reads: I Still Haven’t Listened to any Run The Jewels

I have all three albums though. I plan on listening to them… this year? I’m sorry, I’m just on a really good podcast run right now. Both of Steve Austin’s shows have had my attention for the past few weeks now. You should check them out. If you’re into wrestling… no, even if you’re not into wrestling. Here’s some dope reads that have nothing to do with professional wrestling now.

  • The latest​ in Kendrick v Drake – UPROXX
  • The 4/20 origin story – The Ringer
  • A proper take on Aaron Hernandez – Pajiba
  • Simmons did it. He convinced me that we need co-MVPs this season – The Ringer
  • I didn’t look for this one. This one found me – Bullshitlst
  • UPROXX tries to love every Kanye album like Kanye loves every Kanye album. It works – UPROXX
  • All​ you need to know about Run The Jewels – MTV
  • The definitive list of frozen pizzas. Yes, you asked for it – UPROXX
  • Simmons may have buried his Celtics – The Ringer
  • An oral history of the 1997 Knicks/Heat brawl – The Ringer

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