Dope Reads: The John Harbaugh/Mac Miller Fan Section

When I was an impressionable youth, I was still a Raiders fan. However, I did tend to root for certain teams/certain situations throughout the season (I still do).  Jim Harbaugh and the Indianapolis Colts in 1995 had my attention. They overachieved and ended up in the AFC Championship Game against the Steelers, and were one dropped hail mary away from going to Super Bowl XXX. As awesome as I thought that was, Harbaugh’s coaching career is far more entertaining.

  • I expressed these same sentiments on Hyphen Nation 17 – Matt Stauffer – Medium
  • “Our apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time.” – GQ
  • You can say what you want about recent events but try to defend Tamir Rice’s death. Try. I’ll wait. – The Ringer
  • Young House Love now has a podcast. But this article isn’t about their podcast at all – The Cut
  • LeBron did it. What’s next. – Sports Illustrated
  • My President is a feminist. – Glamour
  • I am forever fascinated by Mac Miller the person. I love Mac Miller the artist too though. – Complex
  • I’ve lowkey always been a John Harbaugh fan. From the Colts up until now. – The Ringer
  • The Book Of Basketball is amazing. Read for yourself. Bill Simmons on Shaq and AI. – The Ringer
  • Bryan Cranston wrote a book. I will be buying said book. – Vanity Fair

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