Dope Reads: The One with The Cut’s Internet Rabbit Hole

This edition of Dope Reads was collected much faster than the last one. And I feel like I’ve read less. That doesn’t mean that these reads are any less dope than the reads that I’ve shared before that I called dope. Enough of the round and round, two of these reads feature photographs of President Obama (H/T Heather) and the late Muhammad Ali. I discovered the story of an awful murder of a baby that LeBron tweeted about… and how his tweet only brought him more criticism. And there’s two really great pieces about Ali from Keith Olbermann and Sean E. Eli. As always, save this somewhere for later because this could take a while.

  • Rembert takes on Larry Whitmore’s WHCD speech. As usual, I agree with him. – NYMag
  • The internets are a rabbit hole and I fell into this one. NSFW. – The Cut
  • Rembert also delivers his take on what may be TI’s best album KING, 10 years later. – Vulture
  • A story about an awful murder in Cleveland. That LeBron tweeted once about. – ESPN
  • Remembering that time that Hal Jordan went nuts and the internet lost their minds as well – Forces Of Geek
  • Remembering when the Warriors were terrible and what made them that way. – Grantland
  • Olbermann on Ali. – The Ringer
  • (Some of) Pete Souza’s photographs of President Obama – The Guardian
  • 25 of the best photos ever taken of the late Muhammad Ali – The Guardian
  • Sean E. Eli’s take on Ali over at Derrick’s place – Blood & Ink

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