Guest Appearances: C. M. Jew Wrestling Reviews #4 “WWE Wrestlemania 1″

CM Jew (Thomas Matis) was nice enough and had the patience to track me down for a podcast about the first Show of Shows, WrestleMania I!

Hey there my wrestling fans and welcome to a brand new pipe bomb of C.M. Jew Wrestling Reviews! On this episode we go back to where the “Showcase of the Immortals” all began with Wrestlemania 1! And joining me for such an epic PPV is an equally epic guest from and the best damn rapper in West Virginia, Kelen Conley a.k.a. B Hyphen! So does the “Show of Shows” hold up to the “Test of Time”? Only one way to find out and that to tune in and remember, I’M THE BEST JEW IN THE WORLD!!

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All song use in this podcast are used as part of fair use and are owned by their respective owners.
“Fly for a Rabbi” – Weird Al
“Cult of Personality/C.M. Punk edit” – Living Color/WWE
“A-Team theme” – Paramount
“King Without a Crown” – Matisyahu

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