Hyphen Nation – Episode #107: The Night The Flood Came & Other Tales (Costarring Angel Conley)

On our way to check out Pittsburgh’s second annual Fresh Fest (and on the way back, shhhhhhhhhh), I welcome my wife Angel to the 4-time guest club of THE WORLD’S GREATEST PODCAST! I pretty much hand her the reins and let her talk about her European Vacation (and yes, I call myself Chevy and her Beverly D’Angelo). From Pittsburgh to Toronto to Italy to Greece to Israel back to Greece to New Jersey to Pittsburgh! You’ll hear about sketch massage parlors, flooded hotel hallways, how salty the dead sea is, how much it is to pay to use a public restroom… no stone is left unturned (except the part where Angel’s friend Maggie blew up her hair dyer. Thanks European outlets!). And I still didn’t get any Raptors championship gear from the 6. This episode is brought to you by DuckTales and “The Duck Knight Returns”.

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