Hyphen Nation – Episode #111: “We Were Given a Queen, We Were Given an Angel.”

Eighteen years ago, the world was shocked to learn of the sudden death of singer, actor, and model Aaliyah. The 22 year old died in a plane accident just days after the release of her third studio album and her loss is still felt by many today. Marcus asked me if I marked this tragic anniversary on the pod while we looked for photos for the cover of Episode 110, so this is my attempt to rectify that error on my part. Also on this edition of the BARACK OBAMA APPROVED WORLD’S GREATEST PODCAST, I take on the 2011 romantic comedy, Something Borrowed. Don’t read Wikipedia beforehand. This episode was brought to you by WhatCulture Wrestling, Simon Miller, Ups and Downs, and this run of Spider-Man PS4 I’m about to embark on.

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