Hyphen Nation – Episode #114: Hater By Nature

EDIT: Since this episode was recorded, Jon Gruden said that Antonio Brown wouldn’t face suspension, the Raiders fined him over $200K for conduct detrimental to the team and voided his guaranteed money, AB asked for his release; Oakland granted his request. Brown then promptly signed a one year deal with the Patriots. You can’t make this stuff up.

This episode begins with a special congratulations to Handsome Bane, Everyday Rogue, and the entire extended family of It’s Like A Podcast Or Whatever on their upcoming 100th episode. Things go downhill from there. I talk about the odd hero worship of former Mountaineer athletes and the complacency of WVU’s football and basketball programs (yes, again). I turn a typical order of buffalo wings into a case study of what kind of person you are. And all the Antonio Brown hatred you can shake a stick at. No one listens to me. This episode is brought to you by Archibald’s Next Big Thing and no sleep thanks to a marathon night of Spider-Man PS4.

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