Hyphen Nation – Episode #122: DY-NO-MITE! + NXT Stuff (Costarring EG aka Catcher Of Shows)

Let me tell you: there’s nothing like booking a guest for THE BARACK OBAMA APPROVED WORLD’S GREATEST PODCAST and picking out a time and a date… and then letting yourself forget all about it. Despite my best efforts, I was able to call in the host of HPG’s Catch The Show and The Underground Monster, EG (that’s @catcherofshows on the social meedz) to talk about the big night in professional wrestling this past Wednesday. And wouldn’t you know it… EG caught the fricking show! So we spend a lot of time on All Elite Wrestling’s debut show Dynamite and then do a quick recap on a pretty eventful episode of NXT. This episode is brought to by The Good Place and whatever energy I have left in my body.

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