Hyphen Nation – Episode #126: The Hyphen & Kwames Show (Costarring Kwame Amponsem)

When I was younger, I was a part of a radio show on WVU’s college radio station called the Urban Diner. During that time, I paired up with a gentleman and together, we created The Hyphen & Kwames Show, the most powerful, mythical, and awesome radio show that there ever was. Then, as suddenly as it started, my co-host Kwame Amponsem moved away, and I was alone. ANYWAY, after mentioning very early on when I started this podcast that I wanted to have Kwame as a guest, I FINALLY made it happen. We talked about how he ended up at U92, how he started playing the bass and how he’s a well-traveled musician, we talked about our old radio show, and we rounded it all off with how he got into stand up comedy. I was pretty much a crying laughing emoji (but apparently the correct name of the emoji is the Face With Tears of Joy emoji) the whole time. This episode was brought to you by Penelope and a pizza with apples and butternut squash and spinach and goat cheese… yeah.

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