Hyphen Nation – Episode #129: Into The View Askewniverse (Costarring Michael Lamerique)

This episode contains the very last episode to complete the first ever event month here on THE BARACK OBAMA APPROVED WORLD’S GREAT PODCAST, a little ditty I like to call GUEST MONTH. Nine episodes; eight guests, and returning for the 6th time, we have Michael Lamerique! Lam agreed to join me as we covered the film career of Kevin Smith, including (but not limited to): Clerks! Mallrats! Dogma! Clerks II! Zack and Miri Make A Porno! And other key films directed by Smith. But then, we also spent a ton of time talking about movies unrelated to Kevin Smith, Chris Rocks’s film career, Justin Long’s filmography, South Park, and oh yeah… Lam even broke y’all off with a Jesus Is King review. There is a few minutes of missing audio in the Kanye section; our apologies. This episode was brought to you by Community, Kobe on Ridiculousness, and this popcorn I’m about to make.

Sidebar: Jay & Silent Bob Reboot is touring nationwide and is the driving force for this episode. Go see that movie. I know I will.

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