Hyphen Nation – Episode #41: I Ain’t Gonna Stand For It

I had the worst time titling this episode. For some reason, my in-show note of “I Get It, I Get It” just didn’t feel proper. Within, I talk about how Melissa McBride deserves an Emmy despite The Walking Dead not being a really good show anymore. I talk a lot about my obsession with t-shirts and my pursuit of reaching Handsome Bane’s level. I got to dig around in the comic crates at New Dimension Comics in the Ohio Valley Mall. I mourn the possible end of Derrick Rose’s career. I give Mondays a little credit. And I recommend Hiro Beats’ “Shout Out To FaceTime”, Frasier, and the Better In The Dark podcast. But I also address the Matt Lauer situation. This specific topic is the reason I couldn’t give this episode a lackadaisical title. In it, I take Savannah Guthrie to task for the way she defended Lauer due to their relationship while barely giving credit to the victim(s) who came forward. I’ll let you listen to it but in the words of Stevland Hardaway Morris… I ain’t gonna stand for it. You ain’t right either Kathie Lee. Shout out to Hoda doe.

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