Hyphen Nation – Episode #42: My First Visit To Krispy Kreme OR House + Cuddy = Disaster!

Y’all need to let Gregory House live. Sure he’s a terrible human being who has failed at many of his relationships and treats others as if they are infectious diseases. But the man is a genius. He also had a great TV show for most of his run until the last few seasons. But Lisa Cuddy is a topic for another day. I take YouTube to task for deleting the livestream of Episode #41. YouTube just didn’t want me railing on Lauer, Guthrie, and Kathie Lee anymore. Didn’t work, all three got more flames this episode. You can’t stop THE WORLD’S GREATEST PODCAST that easily! And I give myself a PSA that I need to stop drinking so excessively as I share a few embarrassing stories that resulted from too much alcohol. Before Jamie Foxx and T-Pain show up, I shout out a great show review and call it day. But technically, I just recapped the show backwards. I think Roger Goodell should donate his new contract to charity.

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