Hyphen Nation – Episode #53: Wakanda Forever (Costarring Marcus “Showinmadlov” Robinson)

A random Marcus Robinson appears. The NBA season is dissected at its halfway point. Marcus and Kelen both agree half of the 2017-18 NBA season was better than the entire 2017 NFL season. Kelen celebrates the oddly successful tank in Chicago while Marcus laments about his Wizards chances of surviving the second round of the playoffs. Hot a** takes are thrown around by Kelen. Chris Paul and his greatness is questioned at great length. MVP and NBA Finals predictions are made. Wakanda rises. The Black Panther motion picture is exalted on high. MVPs are chosen, the women of Black Panther steal the show, and theories are thrown out for future films and the location of the Infinity Stone. Did the MCU miss their window with Black Widow? When does the MCU finally miss with a movie? Is Venom doomed to fail? And can Paul Rudd bring ‘em out again with Wasp & Ant-Man? I support West Virginia’s teachers!

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